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Architecture in Calpe: the Ricardo Bofill Buildings

The Ricardo Bofill Buildings are a complex of 3 buildings created by the popular Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill “(hence the name) which has become an attraction of Calpe, due to its beauty and peculiarity.

Located in the cliffs area of ​​Cala Manzanera, they are easily accessible on foot from town center through the Voramar-Borumbot trail and its location offers beautiful views of Calpe coast.


muralla roja Calpe

La Muralla Roja ( The Red Wall )

It is the most famous building for Instagram pictures in Spain and has become an authentic icon used even in advertising campaigns of reputed firms.

Built in 1972, this labyrinthine building reminds us of an Arab Alcazaba with its terraces, battlements, staircases and courtyards, but with modernity touches in its bright colors.



xanadu Calpe


The castle was used as an inspiration for this building design which evolved to create a structure resembling the iconic Peñón de Ifach.

The cube is the geometric shape on which the initial structure and the interiors are based, but we find angles and curves which break this building regularity and give it its uniqueness.



anfiteatro Calpe

El Anfiteatro ( The Amphitheater )

This 1983 project is an example of classical architecture which emulates an amphitheater.

Its biggest charm is the pool area placed in the space used in the Greek tradition as “scene” and which almost reaches the cliff, framing the landscape.


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