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Let’s the Fallas of Valencia start!

Cremá Falla Valencia

Las Fallas of Valencia, a nationally and internationally recognized festivity, has its highpoint on March 19, the day of San José, but the celebrations begin much earlier in order to warm up engines…

As every year, the festivities give the kick-off on the last Sunday of February, but this year there is a surprising novelty: on Saturday the 23rd of February at 8 pm, the highest vertical “Mascletá” (pyrotechnic show) in the history will be held, by marking the beginning of the celebrations.

The next and first official event of the Fallas will be the “Cridá” or announcement of the Mayor, which is held on Sunday the 24th of February at 8 pm. This act will be developed after a festive day in which Valencia streets will be crowded of falleras and falleros and where them and the tourists could also enjoy a traditional mascletá.


Cridá Valencia


From 1st of March until the end of the festivities, you could attend the “Mascletás” in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (TownHall Square) every day at 2 pm; “Mascletás” roar causes an unexpected feeling and has become one of the main attractions of this celebration.  Fallas street lighting, also available from the beginning of March, worths to be admired aswell.


Mascletá Valencia


But the Fallas key days are from March 15 to 19. On the 15th and the 16th of March, the “Plantá” of the fallas or “Ninots” will take place: you could admire in Valencia streets the figures which will burn to close the festivities; just one of this figures, the “Ninot indultat”, will be saved from the flames due its beauty or special characteristics.


Plantá Falla


On 17th and 18th of March, the Floral Offerings to the Virgin take place, with which a spectacular mantle worthy of admiration is made.


Virgin Floral Offering


And finally, on March 19, the “Cremá” arrives. From 10pm, the flames will consume the fallas and you will have to wait until next year to admire these ephemeral works of art again!

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know this incomparable celebration during your stay on the Costa Blanca:

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