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Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentin

The most romantic celebration of the year is coming soon: Valentine’s Day!

We all know this festivity in which every year, on February 14 we celebrate love but, do you know what is its origin?


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Saint Valentine was a Roman priest on the Emperor Claudius II period, when Christianity was still a persecuted religion. The saint put his life at risk to clandestinely marry the soldiers with their ladies, which ended up costing his life.

Later, in the Middle Ages, February 14 was chosen as Valentine’s Day celebration date, due to the popular belief that the birds started to mate that day.

Although Valentine’s Day is related to romantic love, it is also connected to friends love: that is the reason why in many places, it is celebrated as a day of Love and Friendship.

It should be noted that the myth evolution has linked Valentine’s Day celebration with Cupid, the Roman god of love desire. Cupid had the ability to sow love with his golden arrows, but also the coldness with his lead arrows.




The influence of Valentine’s Day has been so great for being an opportunity to celebrate love and affection, regardless of the religion that is professed (if any) or the sexual orientation of its celebrants, that it is already celebrated in countries without Christian tradition.

On the other hand, there are countries where, for different reasons, it is not celebrated on February 14. It is the case of Brazil where, because ot its Carnival festivities, the celebration of Valentine’s Day was moved to June 12 in memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, a saint also famous for being a matchmaking.


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